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Islamabad Medical and Dental College, with its roots embedded in our nation’s capital is committed to developing medical professionals of tomorrow dedicated to improving
health and well being of our local, national and international communities.

Islamabad Medical and Dental College remains true to its vision of:

Teaching with creativity and dedication, healing with quality and compassion and discovering with imagination and innovation.

We will be working towards delivering the five key goals;

  • To enroll an outstanding and diverse student body who have strong educational foundation and have demonstrated commitment to service and continuous learning.
  • To attract outstanding and diverse faculty who understand and utilize the best principles of education, to foster their professional development and to recognize and reward superior scholarship.
  • To provide a learner-centred curriculum that integrates strong basic sciences, ethical principles, professional standards and outstanding clinical training.
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating environment where the small class size and large faculty of physicians, investigators and educators unite to promote the scientific and humanitarian practice of medicine.
  • Islamabad Medical and Dental College’s over reaching goal is to fully prepare physicians to be excellent, compassionate, creative caregivers who are poised for leadership roles in healthcare.

Yasir Niazi
Chief Executive Officer