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Oral health is an integral indicator of general health. In a developing country like Pakistan, the status of the general health of the masses is poor and oral health is no exception.

The aim of Islamabad Institute of Dental Education & Allied Sciences (IIDEAS) is to impart dental education of the highest order which is community oriented, aptitude based and subject centered.  We intend to produce graduates who are adroit individuals as well as suave human beings and can practice dentistry to a structured echelon of proficiency.  The individuals will be groomed to have a sense of conscientiousness and allegiance towards the welfare of the patients.

The institute possesses a highly qualified, ardent and devoted faculty, fully involved in the advanced teaching and training of the students.  The most up-to-date understanding of the basic as well as clinical aspects of the dentistry is being transferred to the students, enabling them to develop into worthy individuals and adept clinicians.

I envisage a bright future for the institute and wish great laurels in the times to come.

Dr. Khurshid Ahmed
Director Project